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Complete SEO Course 2017

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Product Description:

Complete WordPress SEO Course for 2017, 

Covers Basic to Advanced SEO, 

Certificate of Completion, 

Lifetime Access, 

67 Video Lectures, 

5.5+ Hours of Video Content, 

English Closed Captions Available, 

Mobile Optimized. Available on iOS and Android.

Topics Covered include

SEO Fundamentals

Newbie to SEO? This section is for you! Takes you by the hand step by step to teach you the basics. A Veteran? Don’t you think it’s good to cement your foundations? If you think YES, go ahead. If you think otherwise, skip this section.

Keyword Research

This is the starting point of any SEO effort. Learning this will help you to make quick wins in the online marketing space. Learn various types of keywords and tools. At the end, learn to conduct the research step by step.

Competitive Analysis

In the digital world, spying on your competitors is a cakewalk. All you need is a tool that can help you do this. With the right tool, you can tap into your competitor strategies, and simply model them to succeed. Learn how to do it here.

SEO Plugin Installation

SEO is not a mere plugin Installation. But a WordPress plugin can make it easy. That too, why not make use of a professional plugin that’s available for free. I walk you thru the plugin installation step by step here. Just copy what I do.

Google Analytics Setup

Google has given away one of its tools that is better than many premium tools, absolutely free. Analytics from google has a premium version as well. But even the free version is so good, I would value its worth several hundred dollars a month. Learn how to set it up here.

Google Search Console Setup

I have seen people searching all over the web for a tool to conduct a website audit. But hey, look at your backyard. Google has given a tool called Search Console. That’s right. It was called Google webmaster tools before. This can do the job buddy!

Content Writing

Every man and his dog are digital marketers. But how many of them, do you think, write great content. I can see many of them hiding behind the bush when they hear the word content. That’s right. Writing excellent content consistently is as scary as waking up at 5 am every day. This section makes it a cinch for you.

Backlink Building

Google doesn’t believe what you say about yourself. They want to see endorsements from third parties. Backlinks are a way to endorse you. Backlinks are still at the top of Google ranking factors. Gone are the days to use link wheels and link farms to rank a site. Learn genuine ways to earn backlinks here.

Website Speed

Here you go with a formula. Higher Website Loading Speed = Higher revenue and Profits. Who says it? Not me. Amazon says it. That’s right. Every second delay in loading speed, cost them 1.6 Billion dollars in sales. Mind Boggling! Isn’t it? Learn how to speed up your site loading here.

Website Structure

Technical stuff like site URL, redirects etc. affect users experience. User experience contributes to your SEO. This section tells you how to improve ranking by improving site structure.

Structured Data Markup

With so much of data on the web, help search engines to understand your content better with structured data. You’ll learn how to enable schema markup or rich snippets in this section. The Result is you gain better visibility in search results.

Dwell Time

The facts is that SEOs are confused what a dwell time is. No, it’s not simply Session Duration. It’s not just lesser bounce rate = better dwell time. Learn more about the definitions of all these terms to understand them better in this section.

Mobile Optimization

Have you heard the term “Mobile First”? Google coined this word to prioritize online design for mobiles first over any other device. That’s right. It’s that important. Because mobile traffic to websites have exceeded desktop traffic. This will only rise in the future. Learn how to optimize your site for mobiles here.

Social media SEO

Social media may not be a direct ranking factor. But it does have a high correlation to better ranking. How can you make social media work in your favor? Learn Social SEO in this section.

And the course keeps growing and expanding further….

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