SEO and Link building Course for 2017

SEO and Link building Course 2017

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What Will You Learn – A summary

How to build backlinks step by step.

Keyword Research by finding user intent Step by step.

On-Page Optimization tips and tricks.

Off-Page Strategies that work.

Tons of proven and killer link building techniques.

Google’s 200+ Ranking Factors explained.

Social Media for SEO (Google Plus, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit covered).

On the social SEO angle, you’ll learn how to bring in huge traffic using Reddit. You will also get a Marketing guide for Reddit.

Learn how to do better search in Google. Some of these secrets can help you do a better job as an SEO.

If you are a local business owner, learn where to market your business to gain brand recognition. This will take your local business to the next level.

Wikipedia links are very powerful. How to get Wikilinks to boost your domain authority in search engines.

Learn how to study user engagement metrics. Implement some of the tricks to reduce bounce rate and improve CTR.

Get a basic guide on social media platforms like Reddit, Google Plus, Tumblr, and Quora and how to gain links from them that will boost you search rankings.

Learn how to get mentioned in major news websites like NY Times, CNN etc. to get a huge boost in traffic.

Learn how to use Google alert for automation and to get targeted traffic and high quality backlinks. Start tracking mentions of your brand as well as your competitors’ brands.

Learn 200+ ranking factors Google use to rank websites.


What you’ll learn in detail


How Search Engines Work

What is Search Engine Optimization?

On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO

Mastering Google Search Operators

Ultimate Guide to Keyword Research in 2017

How to Do Keyword Research the Smart Way

Understand the Concept of Niche Market

Understanding 3 Types of Keywords

How to Use Soovle For Keyword Research

How to Do Keyword Research with UberSuggest

How to Use Google Trends for Keyword analysis

Using Discussion Forums to Identify Niche Markets

Using Wikipedia for Keywords Research

Simple But Effective Method to Find Long Tail Keywords

Commercial Intent – A Crucial Factor for Keyword Research

How to Determine Commercial Intent behind a Keyword

How to Analyze Keywords Competition

How to Analyze Competitors On-Page SEO Factors

How to Analyze Competitor Link Profile

Test Your Keyword Research Knowledge.

Beginners Guide to Google Keyword Planner Tool

Search for New Keyword Using a Phrase, Website or Category

Understanding Search Setting in Google Keyword Planner

How to Get search volume for a list of keywords

How to Find New Keywords in Google Keyword Planner

Top On-Page Optimization Tactics to Skyrocket Your Ranking

Introduction of On-Page Optimization

How to Write Title Tag for SEO

Using Modifiers in the Title Tag to Rank long tail keywords

How to Optimize Header Tags for Good SEO

Understanding Bounce Rate of a website

How to Decrease the Bounce Rate

Dwell Time: What you need to Know for SEO

Using LSI Keywords in Your Content

Understanding SEO Friendly URL

Using Multimedia for SEO

Why You Must Use Long Form Content for SEO

How to Use Internal Linking Strategy to Get Ranking Boost

Understanding Keyword Prominence

Using Social Sharing Buttons for User Engagement

Understanding Outbound Links

Understanding the Concept of Off-Page SEO

Let’s Understand Off-Page SEO

Killer Link Building & Traffic Generating Strategies for 2017

Getting Started with Google Alerts

How to Find Blogs for Commenting Using Google Alerts

Using Google Alerts for Monitoring SEO Activities

Using Quora to Drive Targeted Traffic to your website

How to Add Questions & Answers in Quora

How to Create Business Page & Blog in Quora

Understanding Skyscraper Technique to Earn Quality Backlinks & Traffic

Understanding Broken Link Building: White Hat SEO Technique

How to Use Un-linked Brand Mentions for Link Acquisition

Proven Step-By-Step Blueprint for Developing Viral Infographics

Understanding Deep Broken Link Building

How to Use Memes to Increase Your Website Traffic

Where to Share Memes to Get Backlinks & Web Traffic

How to Reserve Your Brand on the Internet

Using Rating & Review Sites to Boost Local Search Traffic

Writing Testimonials about Products to Earn Back-links

How to Get Backlinks from .Edu and .Gov Domains

How to Earn a Backlink from Wikipedia

How to Use HARO to Get Media Mentions

How to Earn Backlink Using Link Roundups

How to Use for Content Curation

Test Your Link building Knowledge.

How to Use Reddit to Drive Viral Traffic & Quality Backlinks for Your Website

Introduction of Reddit – the front page of internet

How to Sign Up for a Reddit Account

Understanding Key Concepts of Reddit

Understanding the Front Page of Reddit

Haw to Contribute Value to Reddit Community

How to Be a Good Redditor

How to Contribute Value by Submitting A Post to a Subreddit

A Beginner’s Guide to Google Plus to Market Your Business

How to Create a Google + Profile

How to Start Seeing Content in Home Stream of Google Plus

Understanding the Concept of Collection in Google Plus

Understanding the Concept of Communities in Google Plus

How to Follow People in Google Plus

A Beginner’s Guide to Tumblr

How to Use Tumblr to Drive Targeted Traffic & Backlinks

Beginner’s Guide to Google Search Console (Webmaster Tool)

How to Add a Web Property to Google Search Console Account

How to Add a New User to Google Search Console Account

Explaining Search Appearance on Google Search Console.

Understanding HTML Improvements Report on Search Console

How to Use Search Analytics Report in Google Search Console

Explaining Links to Your Sites Report in Google Search Console

Finding Index Status of Your website in Google Search Console

Understanding Crawl Errors report in Google Search Console

Understanding The Fetch as Google tool in Google Search Console

Understanding How Google Algorithm Updates Affect Your SEO

Understanding Google Panda Update

Understanding Google Penguin Update

Understanding Google Hummingbird Update

Understanding Google Pigeon Update

Let’s Test Your Knowledge about Google Algorithm Updates

Understanding Google Ranking Factors

Google Backlink Ranking Factors

Google Domain Level Ranking Factors

Google Page Level Ranking Factors

Google Social Ranking Factors

Brand Signals Ranking Factors

Site Level Ranking Factors

User Interaction Signals Ranking Factors

Onsite Spam Ranking Factors

Let’s Test Your Knowledge about Google Ranking Factors

How to Improve Usage Metrics

Using Panda Smart Browser to Improve Usage Metrics

Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest to Drive Niche related Traffic

Joining Pinterest as a Business

Setting up Pinterest Boards and Pins

How to Get Your Pins Noticed on Pinterest.

Secret Weapon to Automate Pinterest Marketing

Secret Weapon – Pinterest Automation Tool


Why This Course?

Whenever we want to shop for a product or service or simply learn about something, we search for it online.

The question is

How can you gain customers online for your website?

Are you struggling to rank your website in search engines?


Do you want to become an SEO and get employed at an organization?

Whatever be your goals from the above

This course is for you.

SEO has changed drastically after major Google updates like panda, penguin and Hummingbird.

Some of the outdated techniques not only work, but result in penalties!

In this comprehensive course, learn top white hat techniques to rank your site.

Majority of SEO ranking factors are covered in this course.

Above all, you’ll get an invite to join a FB group that shares latest SEO developments.

Google’s market share is almost 75%. So, in this course, the main focus is on ranking in Google search engine.

The Instructor explains the lessons step-by-step in an easy to understand way.

The content of this course is based on latest practices in the SEO industry and updated to match the current trends.

And finally, the course introduces many SEO tools for implementation. All of them are free tools used by SEO experts worldwide.


Who is the target audience?

Web Designers and developers who want to learn SEO.

For Business owners.

Aspiring entrepreneur or business owner.

For freelance online marketers.

Aspiring SEO consultant or employee.

Those who want to earn via affiliate programs.

Those who want to start an SEO agency business

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