Complete SEO Training for 2017

Complete SEO Training 2017

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Creator and Instructor : Peter Kent


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

8 hours of online video content

45 Articles

Lifetime access

Mobile Optimized.

Completion certificate.


Basic knowledge and understanding on building a webpages.

Willingness to work on a website to implement what you learn.


What will you learn:

How to rank a website on top of search engines.

Do it yourself (DIY) or Supervise a team to do the SEO job.


What you’ll learn in detail

You’ll learn SEO concepts under the following topics


Keywords: a Channel to Your Prospects

Brainstorming Your Keywords

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Using Keyword Analysis Tools

Planning Keyword Strategies

Site Preparation

SEO Starts Before You Build

Choosing a Viable Domain Name

Choosing the Right Host

Choosing the Right Development Tool

Why You Need TLS and a Mobile-Ready Site

Secure Sites – Becoming More Important

Why You Need TLS and a Mobile-Ready Site

Avoiding Things That Hurt SEO

Understanding the Search Results

Role of Content

Content is Not King! (But it Is Very Important)

You Need High Quality Content

Creating (or Buying) Content

More Sources of Content

User-Generated Content

Duplicate Content: Can it Hurt?

On Page optimization.


Title Tags

Meta Descriptions

Heading Tags

Body Text

Internal Links

Link Blocks

robots.txt & the robots Meta Tag

HTML Sitemaps

Structured Data Markup

How Structured Data Markup Can Boost Your Pages

Picking a Markup Format

Using Markup Tools

Customizing Your Google Search Results with Markup

“Submitting” to Search Engines

Creating XML Sitemaps

Submitting Your Sitemap via Webmaster Accounts

Submitting URLs through Webmaster Accounts

Submitting to Directories

Search Engines vs. Search Directories

How Directories Help You

Finding More Directories

Working with Webmaster Accounts

What Webmasters Console Do For You

Registering Your Site and Submitting Your Sitemap to Google

Google Console Setup

The Google Console Search Appearance Area

The Google Search Traffic Area

The Google Console Crawl Area

The Google Console Security Issues, Resources, & Settings

Using Local-Search SEO

Dissecting Local-Search & Map Results

How the Search Engines Know Where You Are

Grabbing Control of Your Business Listing

More “Localization” Techniques

Finding Local-Focus Directories

Link Building

How Google Revolutionized Search with Link Analysis

Five Ways Links Help You

Two Types of Links: “Real” vs. “Fake”

Understanding PageRank

Finding Pseudo PageRanks

Understanding TrustRank

The Anatomy of a Link

nofollow Links

Putting Keywords into the Anchor Text

Google bomb Lives

A “Natural” Link Profile

The 1st Place to Look for “Low Hanging Fruit”

Link Analysis Tools: Who Links to Your Competitors?

Performing a Link Analysis with Majestic

Social Networking Links

Low Value/No Value Links

Mentioning Your Site in Forums (Be Careful!)

Buying Links (Google Always Hates It)

The Ideal Link Generation Process: “Link Bait”

The Future of Link Building? The PR Model


Why this course?

In this course, you’ll learn and implement SEO strategies that work.

You’ll be able to take your website to the top pages in search engines like Google.

SEO is all about appearing on top of search results when your customers search for your industry related keywords. Does your website appear on top?

If your answer is negative, you must take up this course. On completing this course, you’ll have a firm understanding of what is SEO and what you need to do to appear on top of search engines and skyrocket your website traffic.

SEO is one of the most misinterpreted subjects in marketing. This is because of a few marketers that try to game the system. As a result, the whole SEO system is seen as a spam. But at the heart of it, SEO is very simple. This course explains it well.


Are you a small business owner depending heavily on your website?

Are you a web developer that want to do a better job to your clients in building sites that perform well in search engines?

Are you employed in a company and responsible to optimize your employer’s website in search engines?

Are you a business owner who hired an SEO agency and want to know if they do a good job?


Are you going to hire an SEO agency soon but heard a few horror stories about their goof ups.

Whatever be your situation, you’ll learn valuable tips from this course to handle your situation better.

At the end of this course, you’ll have developed a solid understanding of SEO. You’ll be in a better position to supervise developers and SEO agencies and make sure they do the right job.


Who can take up this course?

If you are a person who develop, own or manage websites.

For developers who want to better understand optimization of client or employer sites.

Non-technical people who manage websites and want to avoid scams.

Small business owners who want to learn how to gain more consistent inbound traffic to their website.

Business owners who want to oversee their SEO agency to ensure if they do a good job.

Online marketers who want to improve or brush up latest SEO developments.

Take SEO Training Course
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Take SEO Training Course

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