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Complete Digital Marketing Course for 2017

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Creator : Rob Percival, Instructor: Daragh Walsh.


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

19.5 hours of online video content

6 Articles

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Willingness to follow the instructions and implement them.

Applicable to every type of business that want to succeed online.


What You will Learn-Summary

How to build an Audience that are ready to buy in just 30 Days.

How to generate leads & conversions from 6 marketing channels.

How to build a WordPress website in about 1 hour. No coding knowledge required.

Make informed decisions that improves your ROI with Google analytics

And much more.


What you’ll learn in detail


Facebook Page & Course Notes

The “One Thing” That Will Transform Your Marketing

5 Best Free Digital Marketing Tools

  • Marketing Fundamentals

    Project Overview: Create a Buyer Persona & Unique Selling Proposition

    How to Create a Buyer Persona

    8 Ways to Find Your Audience Online

    How to Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition

    Taking Action: Create a Buyer Persona & Unique Selling Proposition

    Share Your Project to Get Feedback

    Market Research

    Project: Validate Your Idea with Typeform

    Why Typeform?

    How to Design Your Online Survey

    How to Distribute Your Online Survey

    How to Analyse Your Survey Results

    Taking Action: Validate Your Idea with Typeform

    Quiz – Market Research


    Project: Create a WordPress Website in 1hr Without Any Technical Skills

    Why WordPress?

    How to Choose a Domain Name

    Domain Registration & Hosting

    How to Install WordPress

    How to Add Pages & Posts to WordPress

    Google Analytics for WordPress

    How to Choose & Install a Premium Theme

    Taking Action: Create Your Site in 5 Steps!

    Quiz – WordPress

    Email Marketing

    Project: Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers in 30 Days

    Why List Building Is So Important

    How to Integrate MailChimp with WordPress

    How to Track Email Sign Ups with Google Analytics

    How to Add a Lead Magnet to Your Sign Up Form

    How to Turn Your Homepage Into a Landing Page

    How to Use Pop Ups & Opt In Forms

    How to Use LeadPages to Grow Faster

    How to Create an Email Campaign in Mailchimp

    Email Analytics: 5 Metrics to Track

    Taking Action: Set Up Your Sign Forms & Incentives

    Quiz – Email Marketing


    Project: Write Copy That Sells

    What is Copywriting & Why is it Important?

    How to Write For Your Buyer Persona

    Attention – Headlines are “Eighty Cents of the Dollar”

    11 Tips to Write Magnetic Headlines

    A.I.D.A – Interest, Desire & Action

    Taking Action: Use A.I.D.A to Write Copy That Sells

    Quiz – Copywriting

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Project: Complete this 26-Point SEO Checklist

    An Overview of SEO

    5 SEO Metrics to Measure SEO Performance

    How to SEO Optimise Your Homepage

    How to Verify Your Website in The Google Search Console

    How to Improve Website Performance & Speed

    How to Take the Google Mobile Friendly Test

    How to Do Keyword Research: Steps & Strategy

    How to Quickly Brainstorm 1000’s of Keyword Ideas

    How to Narrow Down Your Keyword List using Google Keyword Planner

    How to Assess Keyword Competition & Choose Target Keywords

    How to Write Title Tags Search Engines Love

    How to Skyrocket Clickthrough Rate with Meta Descriptions

    How to Appear in the Google Image Search Results

    Copy Optimization: Headings Tags, Outgoing & Internal Links etc.

    The Types of Backlinks That Really Matter and How to Get Them

    How to Maximise Links for Your SEO Campaigns

    How to Create Content That Generates Links & Social Shares on Autopilot

    How to Leverage Authority Websites and Top of the Search Results

    Student Q&A

    Quiz – SEO

    Local SEO: How to Rank Your Local Business in Google

    Taking Action: Follow the 26 Point SEO Checklist!

    YouTube Marketing

    Project: Use Simple Videos to Drive Traffic & Sales

    Why YouTube

    YouTube Marketing Strategy

    “Watch Time” is Golden

    The Subscriber Advantage

    YouTube Recording Software & Mics

    YouTube Acccount Set Up & Optimization

    YouTube Keyword Research

    YouTube Video Structure

    YouTube SEO

    Youtube Thumbnails

    YouTube Annotations & Cards

    YouTube Promotion

    YouTube Analytics

    Taking Action: Upload Your First Video

    Quiz – YouTube

    Facebook Marketing

    Project: Get Your First 1000 Likes Without Facebook Ads

    Why Facebook?

    Create Your Facebook Page

    Facebook Icon

    Facebook Cover Image

    Description & About Page

    Apps & Tabs

    Page Settings

    9 Post Formulas Gauranteed to Drive Engagement

    Edgerank Algorithm

    Caption This Photo


    Native Videos

    Facebook Contest

    5 More Facebook Post Formulas

    Bonus Tips: Content Strategy

    10 Tactics to Start Getting Organic Likes

    Use Email to Drive Organic Likes

    Use Facebook Groups to Drive Organic Likes

    Add a Facebook Like Box to Your Website

    Secret Strategy to Increase Page Likes

    5 Facebook Insights Reports to Measure Success

    Taking Action: Get Your First 1000 Facebook Likes

    Quiz – Facebook

    Twitter Marketing

    Project: Increase Your Twitter Followers with 10 Strategies

    Why Twitter?

    How Twitter Works

    What Not To Do on Twitter

    4 Ways To Get More Retweets

    5 Steps Optimize Your Profile

    5 Ways to Promote Your Twitter

    Use Hastags to Increase Discoverability

    Follow Top Twitter Users

    The Poster Boy Formula

    Join a Trending Conversation

    Ask Questions

    Bring Twitter Into the Physical World

    Track Results: Twitter Analytics

    Bonus Tip. Schedule Tweets with Buffer

    Taking Action: Implement Strategies to Increase Twitter Followers

    Quiz – Twitter

    Quora Marketing

    Project: Become an Authority & Drive Long Term Website Traffic

    Why Quora?

    How to Join Quora & Optimize Your Profile

    How to Identify Questions That Are Worth Answering

    How to Choose or Create a Blog Post to Link Back To

    How to Structure Your Answers For Maximum Clicks

    How to Promote Your Quora Answers

    How to Track Quora Traffic & ROI in Google Analytics

    Rinse & Repeat [Just 5 Mins a Day!]

    Taking Action: Promote Your Quora Answers

    Quiz – Quora

    Google Adwords

    Project: Create Your First Profitable Adwords Campaign

    Benefits of Google Adwords

    How Google Adwords Works

    Define Success & Set Up Tracking

    Analyse Your PPC Competition

    Have a Congruent Landing Page

    Select The Right Campaign Type

    Target Your Audience

    Determine Your Bids & Budgets

    Write Effective Ads

    Choose Profitable Keywords

    Advanced Campaign Settings

    Measure & Optimise

    Taking Action: Create Your First Profitable Campaign

    Quiz – Google Adwords

    Google Analytics

    Project: Take a Data Driven Approach to Growth

    Install Google Analytics

    Enable These 3 Essential Reports

    Set up Goal Tracking to Measure Success

    Filter Internal Traffic So You Don’t Skew Your Data

    Add Custom Dashboard to Reveal 12 Essential Metrics

    Get Notified for Traffic Drops & Spikes with Custom Alerts

    Make Google Analytics Annotations So You Don’t Forget

    Analyze Demographics Reports (Age, Gender, Interests & Behaviour)

    Analyze Geo Report (Language & Location)

    Analyze Technology & Mobile Report (Browser, OS & Devices)

    Analyze Acquisition Overview Report

    Analyze Source/Medium Report

    Analyze Best Days to Post

    Use Campaign Tagging to Improve Acquisition Data Accuracy

    Analyze Landing Pages Report

    Analyze All Pages Report

    Analyze Exit Pages Report

    Analyze Goals Report

    Taking Action: How to Decide Which Insights to Prioritse

    Bonus: How to Remove Spam Traffic

    Quiz – Google Analytics

    Bonus Lectures

    7 Keys to Facebook Ads Success



  • Why this Course?

    A very comprehensive digital marketing course with projects, challenges, quizzes etc.

    Without an effective marketing strategy, your content and products will sleep on the shelf. Let’s create the content and the products will sell on their own will not work in the online world.

    You need to apply clear and proven marketing techniques that work rather than generic ideas you find all over the web.

    So come join us in this digital marketing training.

    It is going to be an exciting journey that is full of fun.

    You’ll see the instructor do the following.

    Clearly defines the target audience.

    Creates a functional website very quickly.

    Grow the traffic to that website from 0 to 4500 visitors.

    Build an email list with 1000 subscribers in 30 days.

    The course is professionally built and project focussed.. So you gain hands on experience in implementing techniques and you can replicate it in as many websites as you want as many number of times.

    Some of the lessons you’ll learn are

    How to create a buyer persona and Unique selling Proposition (USP)

    How to validate you audience with typeform survey.

    Build a WordPress website from scratch in just 1 hour.

    Get your first 1K email subscribers in 30 days.

    Learn copywriting skills. Write copies that sell.

    26 measured steps to increase your organic traffic.

    Use YouTube to marketing your business.

    Learn how to get your first 1K likes without placing an Ad.

    Learn how to increase your Twitter followers.

    How to leverage Quora for long term traffic to your website.

    How to create a profitable Adwords Campaign for the first timers.

    Make full use of your Analytics data to grow your business.

    Each sections builds upon the previous section in a very logical way.

    Tools and strategies discussed here are free of cost and available at throwaway prices.

    You are free to pick and choose a section and learn that on a standalone basis.

    This course also includes:

    All future updates are free with lifetime access.

    Quick support within the Q&A area.

    Templates of notes and checklists to get results faster.


    Who can take up this course?

    Aspiring business owners who want to kick start their marketing efforts.

    Owners of websites who want to give a boost to the traffic.

    Anyone who wants to do marketing on their own rather than hiring a marketing agency.

    Anyone who want to learn marketing skills that are in high demand.


    Take Digital Marketing Course


    Not convinced? Take a look at some of the recent students reviews.

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