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7 popular free keyword tools for content ideas and keyword research.


7 Free Keyword tools


Keyword research probably one of the first few important activities you do in starting up an online business.

But, as a startup owner, you may be strapped for cash and hence want to use some of the free keyword tools available in the market to select your niche related keywords.

In this post, I cover some of the top free tools startups use to do their keyword research and for generating content ideas. I have also included a video tutorial that explains the process.

No matter what type of online business you are starting, these tools can help to choose niche keywords that you may use in your website for SEO optimization and generate ideas for content writing.

Now open an excel spreadsheet and start saving the keywords you generate with the free keyword tools.

Let’s jump right in.

1. Google Keyword Planner

This tool is from google Adwords, mainly intended to serve advertisers. However, this is very useful for startup owners to find niche keywords with search volume, CPC rates for search terms and advertiser competition.

Free keyword tools-Keyword planner

Free keyword tools-Keyword planner

Search volume tells us the popularity of keywords by their number of searches.

CPC rates are the suggested bids received by the keywords in currency terms. The higher the rate, the higher the competition is likely to be among advertisers for bidding within that industry.

Also suggested bid rates and competition indicates the commercial nature of keywords.

This is the best place to start your keyword research.

I have already published a detailed tutorial on how to use keyword planner. Please click here to read this post.

Save the keywords generated in the spreadsheet opened.

Keywords everywhere

Before I proceed to show you the free keyword tools, I want you to install an add-on to your chrome / firefox browser. The name of the tool is keywords everywhere. The tools we are going to use will not show us volume and CPC data. So we need this add-on to quickly see these details.

free keyword tools-keywords everywhere

free keyword tools-keywords everywhere

So please go ahead and add on keywords everywhere from

Now let’s see the free keyword tools.

2. Ubersuggest

One of the popular keyword tools that shows google suggest keywords for the seed keyword entered.

Free keyword tools-Ubersuggest

The tool home page looks a bit spammy but the tool does its job well by showing several related long tail words in an alphabetical order from a to z and numerical order from 0 to 9.

Go ahead and enter a seed word from your niche, choose the platform you want to search on like web, images etc. and choose the language and country you want to target and press suggest.

Now you can rinse and repeat this process by choosing one of the keyword results as seed keyword.

Now you can copy and save the keywords generated in the spreadsheet opened.


This is a powerful tool that shows several unique long tail keywords. The tool has a pro version which shows volume, CPC data and ad competition. But we have the add-on keywords everywhere to get it. So the free version is enough for us to conduct our research.

Free keyword

Free keyword

Enter the seed keyword in the search box

Choose the platform you want to search on like google, youtube etc.

Select the country you target.

Pick the language you target.

Press search button.

Now you may use filters results or enter up to 5 negative keywords to customize the results further.

You may copy the results or export it as CSV or excel file.

Now you can rinse and repeat this process by choosing one of the keyword results as seed keyword.

Save the keywords generated in the spreadsheet opened.


This is another long tail keyword tool that pulls out keywords from google auto complete.

Free keyword

Similar to the previous tool but provides additional platforms to search like Wikipedia, ebay, Alibaba etc.

Enter seed keyword, enter a country and search.

You can filter the keywords by typing in the words in the respective box.

You can export the result. A free signup is required to do so.

Save the keywords generated in the spreadsheet opened.

5. Wordstream

Go to

Free keyword tools-wordstream

Free keyword tools-wordstream

This is another great tool where you get to collect more keywords.

You may need to give in your email id to download the keywords generated.

But the list of keywords generated is huge compared to other keyword tools.

The website answers some of the answers to FAQs.

Save the keywords in the excel spreadsheet opened.

6. Keyword Shitter

This is a simple looking but a very powerful keyword generation tool.

Free keyword tools-keywordshitter

Free keyword tools-keywordshitter

Just type in “How to+yoga”

Enter positive filters or the words you want to be part of the results generated.

Enter negative filters or the words you don’t want to be part of the results generated.

Press shit keywords.

Now leave the tool to generate keywords for the next 30 minutes.

If the niche chosen is popular, you’ll see thousands of keywords generated by that time.

The tool will keep generating words until you stop the job.

With keywords everywhere installed, you can see volume as well as CPC data in the results.

You may enter more than one seed keyword to see combined results.

Another interesting fact about this tool is if you press “shit keywords” button without entering any seed keyword, the tool will show some of the latest trending words.

Also, you can use the tool innovatively like entering the word tutorial to see all popular tutorial keywords.

Save the keywords in the excel spreadsheet opened.

Bonus Tip

Having thousands of keywords in the spreadsheet, our next job is to remove all the duplicates and keep only originals.

In MS excel it’s easy to do.

remove duplicates using MS excel

Remove duplicates using MS excel

First, select the entire list of keywords, go to data and press remove duplicates.

Now you have a list of unique keywords.

Click on keywords everywhere add-on and click “get metrics for my keywords”

Copy paste the keywords populated into the box and click “Get search volume and CPC”

At a time, you can see results for 50 entries. So you may have to do a few copy pasting to see the metrics for the entire list of unique keywords.

The alternative is to use google keyword planner. Bulk keyword tool does this job.

7. Google Trends

Having generated thousands of unique keywords, the next step is to ensure that these keywords are showing positive search trend. We don’t want to spend time building articles targeting keywords that are already losing popularity.

Google trends is a great tool to do this job.

Free keyword tools-google trends

Free keyword tools-google trends

Type in in your browser.

Add a search term to see the trend. For example “facebook ads”

You may add a comparison by entering a comparison word. For example “google ads”

The tool shows the comparison of the trend and any recent developments.

If you scroll down, you can also see keywords that are rising in popularity. In this case, Instagram ads are breaking out.

By using this tool, you can decide to use keywords that show positive or stable trend.

Keyword Difficulty

Having generated keywords, the next logical step is to check the competitiveness or keyword difficulty. Lesser the difficulty, easier it is to rank those keywords quickly.

There are tools available in the market to see keyword difficulty / keyword competitiveness. You may use “long tail pro” or “moz keyword explorer” or “” to do it in bulk. All are paid tools but they offer free trials. Make use of this and identify keywords with lesser difficulty to rank.


Once you have keywords with medium to easy ranking possibility, start writing articles.

Please don’t stuff the articles with keywords, Use them sparingly and contextually.

Use the variations and synonyms of the keywords wherever possible.

Use one long tail keyword per article and write as many articles as possible. Make sure you write 1500+ worded articles as long form articles are found to be doing well in search engine results.

If possible, insert useful media content like videos, Images, Infographics etc. to make it more visually appealing.

That’s it! You have all the information necessary to conduct your keyword research and content writing.

Now start taking action and get noticed by thousands of people searching for your offers.

What is your favorite free keyword tool? Share with us in the comments section.

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